Hindi Feature Films
Movie :
Cast: Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Tara Sharma, Shahrukh Khan, Mohit Chadda, Ishita Sharma and others
Music: Lalit Pandit, Pritam Chakraborty
Lyricist: Mudassar Aziz, Kumaar
Producer: Viveck Vaswani
Direction: Mudassar Aziz
A film about relationships and the changes that happen in people's lives when they fall in love.
Regional Feature Films
Movie :
Cast: Mohit, Sindhu Tolani, Pawan Malhotra, Shashank, Abhishek , Janardhan
Camera: Senthil
Music: Ghantadi Krishna
Producer: Ganga Raju Gunnam
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Chandrashekhar Yeleti
Aithe is an Action based movie and is all about four unemployed youths. In which, Irfan Khan is a major mafia guy in Mumbai with Andhra background. He is on the most wanted list of Police with prize money of 50 lakhs put on his head. He is in desperate need of going out of India to settle in Dubai and remote control his operations in Mumbai. He designs a plan of hijacking a plane that starts from Hyderabad and take it to Khatmandu.

They need a gang of 4 clean guys - who does not have any crime records - to participate in this hijack operation. They got hold of 4 needy and..
Movie :
Cast: Vijay, Mohit, Sonu Sood, Devina, Vidya and Swapna Madhuri, Subhashini, Ravi Babu, Chalapati Rao, Surya, Krishna Bhagwan, Chitram Seenu and others
Camera: Joshi
Dialogues: Nivas
Music: Chakri
Producer: P Kiran
Screenplay, Direction: Ravi Babu
Manju (Devina), Anju (Vidya), Ranjani (Swapna Madhuri), Prasad (Vijay) and Sanjay (Mohit) are five teens living in a colony. Prasad is a short guy and has lots of inferiority complex. Anju and Manju have hots for Sanjay. Prasad is in love with Anju. Ranjani is in love with Prasad. Sanjay does not believe in love and hence he doesn't really care to respond to either Anju or Manju.

There is a guy called Rakesh (Sonu Sood) who is brother-in-law of Manju. Their parents set off marriage to Rakesh and Manju. The rest of the story is about who settles with whom and who gets ditched!
Movie :
Cast: Namitha, Steven Kapoor, Mohit, Radhika Chowdary, Pawan Malhotra, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Sudhakar, Ali, Raghu Babu and others
Camera: Amar Muttahar
Dialogues: Vamsi Mohan
Music: Ghantadi Krishna
Story, Screenplay, Producer & Direction: Soma Vijay Prakash
Sanjay (Mohit) keeps on getting dreams about a girl he had never seen. He vows to marry his dream girl. He moves to Mumbai from Hyderabad to peruse his job as a construction engineer. There he joins a house as paying guest. To his surprise he finds his dream girl out there. She is Anjali (Namitha), a pretty wife of a physically handicapped playwright Veerendra Sharma (Steven Kapoor). He finds out that the relationship between Anjali and Veerendra is not satisfactory. Hence he wants to break their relationship to win the love of Anjali. At one point of time, he opines that he should eliminate Sanjay to get Anjali permanently. He gives supari to a professional killer (Pawan Malhotra) to kill Veerendra. But mistakenly, he gives his own photograph instead of Veerendra's to the killer. The rest of the story is all about who the professional killer eliminates.
Movie :
Cast: Aravindh (debut) Sneha, Abbas, Saranya, Vijayan, and others
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer: P Kiran
Direction: Ramesh Krishnan
Sneha plays a girl possessed by a spirit in Adhu. In the first half of the film she acts as a blind girl. For the blind girl act she walked at home with a blindfold to know the difficulties of a blind girl. Not just contented with this she even met the blind girls in the convent and spent a day with them to observe their way of talking and mannerisms. With so much of homework she has done this role to perfection says director Ramesh Krishnan. The film will be yet another feather in the cap for Sneha who is very choosy about doing films.
1st Runners up - INDIA's BEST- ZEE CINESTARS KI KHOJ - 2004
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